Koehpa Ethical Construction

We are known for - Trust, Quality, Delivery

Koehpa Ethical Construction

We are known for - Trust, Quality, Delivery

About us


We are pioneers and leaders in forming solutions. We offer a one-stop solution to your construction needs. We specialise in shuttering, centring, scaffolding and shoring formwork. They are pre-fabricated modular plastic formwork panels. They are built from reusable, patent composite material.

We offer a better alternative to traditional plywood, steel and aluminium formworks. Our panels will improve your return on investment (ROI) by at least 20% if not more. With Koehpa panels, there is no need for plastering, thus reducing time and cost. It is available in various sizes. These panels can be used for any structure, from foundations to beams to columns to even slabs and walls. They are easy and simple to use panels. It can be used even by unskilled workers and contractors can literally take a do-it-yourself approach. Our environment friendly panels are made from high grade engineered polypropylene. It can be reused again up to 200 times and is truly a green product.


Benefits of Koehpa forms


Ease of handling & maintenance

Koehpa forms are very easy to handle and maintain

  • Can be done with unskilled labourers
  • Shortest learning curve among all systems
  • Just water jet is required for cleaning

Speed of construction

Koehpa forms help in speeding up the construction process

  • Koehpa form is 3 times lighter than steel
  • Light, safe & easy to handle

Superior finishing

Koehpa forms provide superior finishing quality.

  • Non stick to concrete
  • Always the best finish


Koehpa forms are very versatile in nature.

  • Reusable for 200+ times
  • Made of best quality material and hence impact resistant
  • Same panels can be used in different types of structures
  • Usable in all conditions


Our Team

Arjun Koppa


Sandeep B Paramesh

Executive vice president – construction

Bharat Singh

Vice president - sales & marketing

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