What is koehpa forms?

Koehpa forms is a highly advanced pre-fabricated modular plastic formwork panel built from reusable, patented composite material. The reusable formwork panel or form-lining enable contractors to take on a do-it-yourself approach due to its versatility, flexibility and ease of handling.

Koehpa forms is made of superior quality materials which completely eliminates the need for plastering, making it the most economical and savvy choice for builders. With proper handling and periodical maintenance, Koehpa forms can easily be reused over 200 times*; substituting commonly used components such as timber and plywood, fostering a safer and greener environment.

Our product offers you great savings and is truly eco-friendly, allowing you to extensively Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Superior features

  • Koehpa forms panel is designed to resist high impact force and is able to receive concrete pressure upto 60kn/m2
  • Fast and simple connection using either p-clamp or pin and wedge




Weather Proof

Weather proof


Impact resistance

Standard panel size (mm) Weight (Kg)
600 x 1200 7.6
300 x 1200 3.9
250 x 1200 3.2
200 x 1200 2.6
150 x 1200 2
100 x 1200 1.5

Why koehpa forms is your optimum choice?

  • Cost-effective and convenient due to re-usage capacity
  • Available in modular sizes that allows you to build any structure
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Smooth and superior quality concrete finishing even over hundred times of re-usage
  • Non-stick surface allows for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Excellent after sales service with complete system support by our engineers, technicians and sales team
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Promotes a safe and clean site

Applications & types

Go green with koehpa forms

Green construction is about conservancy, practicality, environmental responsibility, economic value, and creating a healthy and sustainable world for today and tomorrow. The 3R’s concept: reduce, reuse and recycle can be helpful as a guide. There are many ways to make a construction project green.

Modular construction using Koehpa forms reduces the overall amount of formwork required on a project site. The high durability and reusable nature of system formwork enables minimum amount of formwork on each project, allowing it to be re-used after each casting. One of the advantages of modular system formwork is that its components can be easily dismantled or disassembled for storage after a particular project, and can be reconfigured and re-used for multiple future projects. This largely reduces the amount of new components required for every new project, effectively preventing excessive construction waste generation on site.

Koehpa forms is a global leading system formwork specialist that provides the most comprehensive, adaptable and top-level system formwork in the current market. Our operations have grown substantially and have now reached international shores such as Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries. We are constantly adapting to the ever-growing needs of our customers without compromising on delivering a quality in products and services. Regular monitoring and reviews are conducted to ensure that our promise of quality is fulfilled as a market leader in the industry


Our quality

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Our product

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